Program Staff &

Board of directors


Allison Silva - Supervisor/RECE - My name is Allison Silva and I have been the Supervisor of VKC for 13 years. Since the beginning, I have seen the program grow immensely and have met many wonderful children and families. My true passion is seeing children grow and develop through their first few years of schooling. I am looking forward to having many more great years here at Kids Club. 

Jane Akande - Assistant Supervisor/OCT/Directors' Approved ECE/Groovy Gecko Teacher - Hello VKC and community! I have been here for over 6 years and it has been the best experience of my professional life! I have completed my OCT qualifications and many professional development courses but, nothing compares to the experience and constant learning that each child brings. I enjoy being part of the children's lives, and watching them develop through the use of their capable and competent minds. I look forward to the continued, and new, connections that I will make within the community of VKC! 

Melissa Iezzi - Groovy Gecko Teacher's Assistant - Hello! Working with children has always been my passion. I did Private Home Daycare for over 8 years, before joining the VKC team. I worked with the school age program at VKC during the 2017/18 school year and I have joined the JK/SK program for before and after school. Working at VKC has been a new venture for me, and a truly amazing experience. Not only do I get to watch the children learn and grow, I learn and grow with them. 

Jennifer Simms - Funky Monkey Teacher - I was with VKC during the 2017/18 school year as a before school teacher, and I returned in January 2019 as a before and after school teacher. After working in the financial industry for 10 years, I decided that it was time for a change. I took a year off to reignite my passion in art, and used this time to truly develop my relationship with my own children. I volunteered at Victory PS, built a rapport with many of the children, and got to know some of the Victory Staff. Being part of VKC has been extremely rewarding and has opened my eyes to get back to what I originally had intended my career to be - Childhood Development. I am very thankful for the time I have spent in the community learning from the children and the amazing staff at VKC! 

Gillian Elder - Funky Monkey Teacher - Director's Approved ECE - My name is Gillian. I am very pleased to be part of the VKC team and I really enjoy working with children. They have a wonderful energy, creativity, and I am always learning and benefiting from my time with them. For the past several years, I have been an instructor of children's art classes. I have a post-graduate certificate in Therapeutic Recreation (RT). Prior to my studies in RT, I completed two degrees in Fine Arts, and in Museum and Gallery studies. I look forward to my time at VKC and take much pleasure in being part of a caring and dynamic team. 

Jessica Veri - Jolly Tigers Teacher - Hi Victory Kids Club and community! I am so thrilled to be part of the VKC team and the teacher of the Jolly Tiger group. I have been an RECE with the school board since 2013. Last year I had some of the children from the Jolly Tiger group in my classroom and I am so happy I get to be back with them a little bit each day, and to get to know the others in the group that were not in my class. I am looking forward to what the year has in store for us! 

Victoria Szymanski - Cool Cat Teacher - I'm so glad to be a part of VKC and the Victory Public School community! Caring for others has always been a passion of mind. I graduated from the University of Guelph's Psychology program, and received certified Montessori Assistant training. I love the happiness and silliness that I get to experience each day working with children. I enjoy using teachable moments, that naturally occur, to teach children about kindness and emotional intelligences. 


Holly Dolan - Chair - Hello, my name is Holly. I am married and have two children, Ayden and Ally. We have been a part of the Victory Kids Club community for six years now. I work for Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food & Rural Affairs. I enjoy running and riding my bicycle around the city. 

Joel Lee - Vice Chair - Hello, my name is Joel. I am married and have two children, Morgan and Benji, that attend Kids Club. I work as a Design Engineer at Earthscape Play; we designed the new playgrounds at Exhibition Park and Riverside Park. My favourite things to do are bike riding, and building and maintaining the GORBA Guelph Lake Trails on my mountain bike with or without my kids. 

Muriel O'Doherty - Member - Hi, I'm Muriel and my two kids, Dominic and Sienna, attend Kids Club. I work as an event manager at the Arrell Food Institute at the University of Guelph. My family loves travelling and eating pizza. 

Laura Alexander - Secretary - Hi, my name is Laura. I have two children that attend Victory and VKC. I work at a local school as a core French teacher. One of my favourite things is cheese.

Jesse Lloyd - Member - Hello, my name is Jesse. I am a high school teacher for an Alternative Learning Program with the Upper Grand District School Board. I have been a part of the Victory Kids Club community for 8 years. My daughter Jordan now attends King George, and my son Finley is an enthusiastic Kids Club attendee. We enjoy being active outdoors, and eating ice cream. Picture coming... 

Carolyn Oldreive - Member - Hi, my name is Carolyn. I have two children, Olivia and Lucas, that attend Kids Club. I work as a Caseworker for the Ontario Disability Support Program - Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services. My favourite things in Guelph include: Fat Duck Bistro, Buon Gusto, Na Na Thai's Kitchen, and 39 Carden Street Bistro. 

Sarah Alderman - Treasurer - Hi, I'm Sarah. I have two children, Grayson and Cole, that attend VPS and Kids Club. I work at the University of Guelph researching brains. My family and I enjoy eating at local restaurants such as Baker Street Bistro and Lucky Belly!